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Cleaning, Maintenance and Construction

ALAVISA assures you the availability of its services in any part of the country always with the commitment of high quality and flexibility of schedules as your company requires, we are in the capacity and with the resources to execute your projects and ensure the success in the fulfillment of their standards of cleanliness and service.


Know the available services that ALAVISA has at your disposal, our highly trained staff will always be at your disposal.

Our Clients

For ALAVISA is very important every detail in the implementation of each project, below we show some of our clients that we have managed to contribute our work.

Contact Us

Do not hesitate to contact us, it is very important for us to carry out the projects and tasks that you want to implement.
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ALAVISA de Cañas, Guanacaste
Cleaning Services, Green Zones Maintenance, Exterior Cleaning, Condominium Management, Legal Services

Cañas Guanacaste, de la Iglesia Católica Central 100m Este, 250m Sur y 100m Este. Barrio San Pedro
E-mail: info@alavisa.com
Phone: 2669-5284     Fax:    2668-7306
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